[001] The Mistake: And the story starts. God I hate that cat...
[ActI] Welcome To The Jungle: It's all just fun and games.
[002] I Bet She's Not Union Certified: Safety regulations are your friends.
[003] Why Princesses Need Etiquette Classes: Brains or beauty? Survival of the fittest.
[004] Lucca's Promise: Taban's problem
[005] Here Comes the Cap'n: I'm gonna hurl!
[006] Climactic Battle!: Suffer my ultimate attack: Faceplant!
[007] Deja~vu All Over Again: Good morning Alex!
[008] Pesky Carpet Stains: Yeah, those never come out.
[009] Sometimes you don't wanna know: There's a time and place for evil laughter.
[010] The Important Things: Aren't ultimate destinies fun?
[011] Public Service Announcement: Silver Point Addiction.
[012] Damn Reality: And they're such great theories too...
[013] Wow, Another Game: Peaceful and wise... right...
[014] It's a Boy Thing: You think he'd learn...
[015] Porom's Discovery: Get used to it, Marle...
[016] Porom Lays It Out: Details, details...
[017] Palom Sees theLight: Now she's speaking his language.
[018] I wish status effects worked this well: Lazyness beats tactics.
[019] The Angst of a Battle Bot: Gato never meant to hurt anyone... yeah right.
[020] Young Lucca Plays it Cool: 'Three laws of robotics' my ass...
[021] Transition to the Link: All purchases are final.
[022] Norstein's New Game: How does she make her eyes do that?
[023] The Missing Link: He's just a little out of shape...
[V15] Good Morning Videoland, Episode 15: Hungry, Hungry....
[436] Mysidian professionalism at its finest: They totally want each other
[437] Party of Crashers: In over his head
[438] A meeting of Six Minds: Gato's the man
[439] Gato's (almost) moment of Angst: Soulless philosopher
[440] Perhaps he was copied from LARA's mind instead...: Lucca has no luck
[441] In the Belly of the 'Bot: They're kinda like chest bursters
[442] Flashing over the Flashback: Doing it with glazed eyes
[443] Gato: Force for GOOD?: Unintentional Alignment Violation
[444] Resurrection of the Damned: He's BAAACK!
[445] True Colors Revealed: Purple... BAD!
[446] Shift into Violet: Purple... VERY BAD!
[447] Eater of Dreams: He is all you fear
[451] Metamorphosis: Hidden Powers
[452] Out of the frying pan and...: Number is a bit off
[453] ...into the Fires of Prometheus: Take that, Guernica!
[454] Seeing through the Smokescreens: If only she watched DBZ
[455] Uncertainty Principle: Did We mention she's a genius?
[456] Not adding up: No net loss
[457] Advanced Battle Strategy: Gorilla Tactics
[458] Desperate Balance: Not quite a stalemate
[459] He's right you know: And that's not a good thing
[AS3] All SNES Year 3: So ken will stop bugging me
[460] Guess Gato doesn't like all his pithy one-liners: Or maybe he just hates Alex
[461] The True Meaning of Suffering...: I only hurt you cuz I love you
[462] Negative Reinforcement: Really, I only hurt you because I love you
[I will freaking kill this girl.] :
[463] Law and Order, Nexus Style: Bonus points if you recognize the Badge number
[464] Missed Opportunities: This one drive me bo- nevermind
[465] A Sinistral Meeting: It's snot what you think
[CA4] Captain Atari Episode 4: Drama in 4-bits
[466] Scoping out the Situation: This did not go unnoticed.
[467] Rock's Realization: He's all business now
[CA5] Captain Atari Episode 5: A study in Irony: And you think Alex has it rough....
[468] Resisting Arrest: This'll probably get blamed on GTA too....
[Xma] Christmas Filler: Happy holidays, yo
[469] Downhill Slide: His train of thought just crashed
[470] What Would Mario Do?: This totally would have worked.
[471] Alex gets His Game(Master) On: Alex gets on track
[Mot] Those poor kids in the sweatshops...: Think of the children!
[472] Observation on the Revelation: They're like creepy versions of the muppet critics
[473] Every Light casts a Shadow: The two faces of Doctor Light...
[474] Unwanted Help: Lupin caught? Noooooo!!!
[475] The Larger: Alex dodges questions
[V16] Good Morning Videoland: Episode 16: Actually, I've only read Fountainhead
[476] The Mad Doctors' Plan: Keeping Megaman Occupied
[VAC] VACATION!: Shirking Responsibility
[477] Wily's Lament: The Honeymoon
[478] You can check out any time you like...: Adventure Island Nostalgia
[479] Haggar's Only Taxing on Wily: Best tax plan ever
[480] Nightmare of an Evil Genius: He's happy... really.
[Tr1] 16 Bit Theatre Promo: Oh it's on, bitches
[481] The Aesthetics of Revenge: At least it's not Jake the Snake
[482] The Shadow of Light: Light Revealed
[483] One Man's hero....: ...is another man's target.
[484] The M.A.D. Plan of Doctor Light: S.C.O.P.E.'s purpose revealed
[485] The Best Lie is the Truth: Darkwing Duck is a Zen master, yo.
[486] Ass Soul: Best title pun ever
[487] I think it's a fair fight: GO, HERO!
[488] He didn't really let them down...: Spike McFang gets pwned!
[489] Sucker Punch: Rock's on the job
[490] Blitzkreig: Kickass fight scene
[V17] Good Morning Videoland: Episode 17: Donkey Kong
[VS1] Captain SNES vs 16-bit Theatre: Part 1: The obligatory reason
[VS2] Captain SNES vs 16-bit Theatre: Part 2: Confrontation
[VS3] Captain SNES vs 16-bit Theatre: Part 3: ZOOOP!
[VS4] Captain SNES vs 16-bit Theatre: Part 4: Return of the Package
[491] Daos's Kind Offer: His last name is Kanoff
[492] Daos's Tale, Part 1: Flashback awesomeness again!
[Ge1] Vacation Filler: Off on a vacation, yo
[493] Daos's Tale, Part 2: God, I loves me flashbacks
[494] Daos's Tale, Part 3: Bitch needs some prozac
[495] Daos's Tale, Part 4: Daos gets burnt
[496] Daos's Tale, Part 5: Shocking Revelation!
[497] He's just as broken up on the inside...: Yeah, he's an ass.
[498] Negotiation, Gamemasta Style: Layin' down the law
[499] TO THE RESCUE!: At least they're kinda cute?
[500] On the Bright Side, think of the Ratings: My favorite videoland news channel.
[501] Hidden Price: Bad news, worse news
[502] Bass's Bestest Friend: Overkill? NAAAH!
[503] Vegeta vs. the Silent Killer: A Saiyan's true weakness
[504] A Plan for Megaman: A rather obvious one too
[AS5] All-SNES Year 4: I feel dirty
[505] A Picture is Worth a Thousand Puns: And I resisted them all
[506] The Wrighting on the Wall: It's a Megadisaster
[507] The Dazzling Intellect of Dr. Wright: That isn't an act.
[VS5] Captain SNES vs 16-Bit Theatre: I love this joke
[Al1] Alan Bate's Christmas Special: Videoland TV is awesome
[D01] Drexel's Christmas Special, Part 1: Part 1
[D02] Drexel's Christmas Special, Part 2: Part 2
[D03] Drexel's Christmas Special, Part 3: Part 3
[D04] Drexel's Christmas Special, Part 4: Part 4
[D05] Drexel's Christmas Special, Part 5: Part 5
[NYR] I didn't forget: Duress
[D06] Drexel's Christmas Special, Part 6: Part 6
[D07] Drexel's Christmas Special, Part 7: Part 7
[D08] Drexel's Christmas Special, Part 8: Part 8
[D09] Drexel's Christmas Special, Part 9: Part 9
[D10] Drexel's Christmas Special, Part 10: Part 10
[508] Lost Nuances: I don't know why he did it either
[509] No-Brainer: She got purplified!
[510] Revealed by the Pants: He's cute when he's shocked
[511] Rock the Boat: Revelation to megs
[512] Wily's Head Games: False revelations at that
[513] It's the ULTIMATE distraction: I gotta play this game
[514] Cover Up: The awesomeness returns!
[515] Winning Hearts and Minds...: He's a real champ
[516] I'm sure they'll forgive him later...: This will get ugly
[G01] Stryker's Soliloquy: Part the first: Comic 1
[517] The Legendary Swear-down on Sailor Street: Sweet smoke effect
[518] Totally Unexpected Twist: Awww, poor guy
[519] The Greek Horse Strikes: Finally, Recognition
[G02] Stryker's Soliloquy: Part the Second: Comic 2
[520] I'm sure it's snot a problem: ONLY AWESOMENESS WILL RESULT
[521] Snotty Nuggets of Revelation: It must be love
[522] Daos' Epiphany: It's not a good Epiphany
[523] The Bitter Taste of COurage: A brave bastard
[524] This comic was brought to you by creepy 80's PSAs: I loved that song
[525] Empathy of the Stopped Clock: Snappy...
[VS6] Captain SNES vs 16 Bit Theatre: Part 6: This will end well
[526] The Stolen THunder of Chaos: Poor, abused Sinistral
[527] Fears of a Sister: At least she's caring
[528] The Boring Comic: Zzzzzzz
[VS7] Captain SNES vs 16 Bit Theatre: Part 7: See? I told you
[G03] Stryker's Soliloquy: Part the Third: Comic 3
[529] The Wright Way to Help: He's the man
[530] Whoops: Consequences
[531] Wright Does the Unthinkable: Best Commercial Ever
[G04] Striker's Soliloque: Part the Fourth: Another Gaiden, Yo
[532] Tripped Up in Details: Whoosh
[G05] Striker's Soliloque: Part the Fifth: Yet another one
[533] Sacrifice Play: Kablooey!!
[534] Masochistic Chaos: Take that, Guernica!
[535] Spearheaded: To the RESCUE
[VS8] Captain SNES vs 16 Bit Theatre: Part 8: Awesomeness
[G06] Striker's Soliloque: Part the Sixth: Here ya go
[G07] Striker's Soliloque: Part the Seventh: Next
[VS9] Captain SNES vs 16 Bit Theatre: Part 9: Alex's a dick.
[VSE] Captain SNES vs 16 Bit Theatre: 10 & Epilogue: The sleepy finish
[QA1] Quest for Alex: Part 1: Secret start
[QA1] Quest for Alex: Part 1: Secret start
[QA2] Quest for Alex: Part 2: Old friends
[G08] Da Bomb Squad Returns: IT's back, yo
[G09] Special Anniversary Edition: Yup
[QA3] Quest for Alex: Part 3: Old Cameo
[QA4] Quest for Alex: Part 4: Obvious Joke
[G10] The Morning After: Postinating, yo
[QA4] Quest for Alex: Part 4: I'm a bastard
[AS5] All-Snes Year 5: Payin' the Dues once again
[QA6] Quest for Alex: Part 6: Awesomeness
[QA7] Quest for Alex: Part 6: Kicken it
[] :
[QA8] Quest for Alex: Part 8: Advances
[QA9] Quest for Alex: Part 9: End
[536] Little Red Lies: I like the food puns.
[537] Foreshadowing of Doom: Like his hand gesture.
[538] Ultimate Power!: Like Roll's Facial expression
[539] Righting Wright: My hero
[540] Noble Thought, Foolish Deed: It's funny cus it's suicide.
[541] Telltell Beating...: Crux
[G12] The Good News: Gaiden
[542] Slippery Slope: Not a good choice
[FPa] Paperwork: Urgh
[543] Interpositioning.... Interrupted: It's a doozie
[G13] Happy Barfday: Kinda like this one.
[544] Misread Gesture: Yeah, he's not very nice.
[AN6] 6th Anniversary Filler: Sorry for the delay
[G14] Taking out the Trash: Stuff and Stuff
[545] Opportunity Knocks: You in the head
[G16] Gaiden 16 & 17: More comic
[546] Mouse Got His Tongue: Happens to me all the time
[547] Five Words Never to be Spoken: It's pretty bad
[548] Asking Politely: It's always best
[549] Bitter Defeat: Wish I'd gotten more Vegeta quotes.
[550] Embrace of Power: Breast Reduction? NOOOOOOOO!
[551] Better Left Unsaid: He was standing right there the whole time?
[AS6] ALL-SNES Year 6: Yearly dues
[552] Breaking Bonds: Oh, that's not nice.
[G17] A Totally Original Filler: Gaiden 17
[G18] Standing Room Only: Gaiden 18
[553] The Frantic Saiyan: I love that skit
[G19] Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good!: Gaiden 19
[G20] A Heated Conversation: Gaiden 20
[G21] I Wish I Was a Ninja Turtle: Gaiden 21
[G21] I Wish I Was a Ninja Turtle: Gaiden 21
[554] Ruminations on Shrubbery: Punctual as always
[555] Dated Material: Easy as pie
[G23] Stockman's Not Much to Look at Either: Gaiden 23
[G24] Divine Intervention: Gaiden 24
[G25] Deus Ex Machina: Gaiden 25
[V18] Deus Ex Machina: Gaiden 25
[C01] Drekel Christmas Part 1: Super special
[C02] Drekel Christmas Part 2: Super special
[C03] Drekel Christmas Part 3: Super special
[C04] Drekel Christmas Part 4: Super special
[C05] Drekel Christmas Part 5: Super special
[C06] Drekel Christmas Part 6: Super special
[C07] Drekel Christmas Part 7: Super special
[C08] Drekel Christmas Part 8: Super special
[C09] Drekel Christmas Part 9: Super special
[C10] Drekel Christmas Part 10: Super special
[C11] Drekel Christmas Part 11: Super special
[C12] Drekel Christmas Part 12: Super special
[C13] Drekel Christmas Part 13: Super special
[C14] Drekel Christmas Part 14: Super special
[G26] Splinter Cell: Gaiden 26
[556] Family Matters: Vegeta's a Violent Cuss
[T01] Date Captain SNES II, Pt 1: And so it begins
[T02] Date Captain SNES II, Pt 2: It continues
[557] Playing to your Strengths: Yaaah!
[T03] Date Captain SNES II, Part 3.1: Yaaah!
[T04] Date Captain SNES II, Part 3.2: Yaaah!
[558] Playing the Fool: Tricky
[G29] Savage the Soothed Beast: Gaiden 29
[559] A Little Slip: Tricky
[T05] Date Captain Snes II, Part 4: Tricky
[560] Indirect Attack: Forte keeps on going
[G30] Why I Wouldn't Want Wily as my Doctor: Gaiden 30
[561] The Invisible Hand of Fate: No more messing around
[562] Revisiting a Threat: No more messing around
[T05] DCSII Round 4 Results: No more messing around
[563] Unwelcome Appeal: The Interruption
[564] Downhill slide: Heading towards climax
[T06] DCSII Round 5 Results: No more messing around
[565] Broken: Crap
[566] Falling Mercury: Crap

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