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JayDee's List


Order of the Stick

It's a stick figure D&D comic.  The writing's pretty good, and the art is surprisingly expressive.  Cool story too.

El Goonish Shive

I like this comic, though this guy is not the most reliable updater.  Not that I'm one to talk....


I've been reading Josh's stuff since '97.  When he's on, he's great, but he's... rather erratic.  

Home Star Runner

Awesome web cartoon.  Future of animation, yo.

A Miracle of Science

One of the people on the forums had this one in their profile.  It has its ups and downs, but I like this one overall. 

Zap in Space

Another Sci-fi comic.  Just started reading this. 

8 Easy Bits

I really enjoy this one.  Guy's a damn clever writer.  You should check it out. 

Portal of Evil

My hippy news source of choice.  I also like their featured sites too.  A lot of cool stuff here.

My Livejournal

Don't expect any insight into my real life here.  Real life is for wusses!  This is where I post my rough drafts of fiction I work on. 


My Comic Resources


Shy Guy Kingdom

 My news source of choice.  I also like their featured sites too.  A lot of cool stuff here.

Captain N Homepage

This site has a complete listing of Captain N TV episode and comic guides, along with Zelda guides, and a few other goodies.

Ultimate Warp Zone

Another Captain N site.  It's easier to navigate, and much more focused than the Captain N homepage, but not quite as complete.

Background Headquarters

Where I get a lot of my backgrounds, yo.

People's Sprites

Large collection of public domain sprites.

Sprites Inc.

Collection of Megaman sprites of various sorts

Final Fantasy Classics

Collection of various Final Fantasy 1 sprites

Spriter's Resources

Good Collection of various sprites

Captain SNES in the News


The article on Captain SNES at Comixpedia.  Editable like a wikipedia, so if you got some skill, feel free to add to the article.

TLS Review of Captain SNES

B+, yo!


Required Linkage


Broken Worlds

It's the Fan Comic Based on the Forums of the most Awesome Sprite Comic Featuring Alex Williams EVA!  I like some of their runs, but sometimes their comic layout drives me INSANE!   YAAAARGH!

Josh's Forums

It's my brother's book review forums.


Old Comic Collection

Kid Radd follows the awesome adventures of the second coolest protagonist in a sprite comic, behind me of course.  And of course there's also the super hot Sheena.  You gotta play the dress up Sheena Minigame!  And oh yeah, it's got a good story.  Or something.  DRESS UP SHEENA!  WHOOOT!

Originally a cut and paste comic, the artist has since wussed out and learned to draw his own comics.  Aside from a few cheep shots at sprite comics (which are sadly true), this is a pretty solid comic.

You know, not a lot of people know this, but Zelda wants me so bad.  I don't know why she sticks with that Link guy.  This is the guy who did up the Captain N 8-bit sprites for us.  Thanks man.

One of the second generation sprite comics which came into being around the same time as Captain SNES.  Not too bad.  Maybe someday it'll be as popular as my comic, yo. 



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