#215: The hammer of Zen
October 22nd, 2002

#215: The hammer of Zen

October 22, 2002
Well, it’s been a while since I last did the news. In case you missed it, I finished up the Kingdom’s Head side story this weekend, filling in the past couple of Sundays that I missed. I did this because starting next sunday I’ll be working on a new segment, tentatively titled “Welcome to Videoland.” I’m starting to come into the part of the story where there will be a lot of references to Captain N, the original game master, and his adventures, so I decided I need to start introducing background information. And it’ll help put Captain SNES in perspective against his predecessor. In any case, I need to start asking some people who’ve made custom sprites of the original N-team if I can borrow them.
I’ve been puttering on various things behind the scene, so don’t think I’ve been inactive with the website itself. I’ve just been moving fairly slowly. By the end of the week, there’ll be some minor changes to the banner. And within the next month I should have a new section of my site to give credit to everyone who’s made this sight possible, whether they know it or not.
Speaking of credit, attentive viewers of this site will notice that I’ve got a new link at the bottom of this page, to CaptainN.net. This is by far the most complete source of Captain N on the internet, featuring episode guides, character information, and even scans of the 5 issue run of the Captain N comic. The site also has N-fans, a series dedicated to the original Captain N show, and a whole slew of other comics. I have also discovered that they’re now hosting The Shy Guy Kingdom, a very nice collection of sprites for various systems. I’d thought that the sight had disappeared, but apparently N-Finity, the guy who runs CaptainN.net is hosting it now. Kudos to him for that, because it’s one of my favorite web sites for sprites. And thanks in general for having a very complete site for me to have research on. I really appreciate it (even if I do neglect to write about it).
I’ve also included a link to Sky Tower Games at the bottom of my page as well. Thanks for linking to me guys.
Later all.