#171: Remember kids, Drug free’s the way to be
August 3rd, 2002

#171: Remember kids, Drug free’s the way to be

August 1, 2002
Beginning of the months folks. If you like the comic, vote for me. You can vote for me once a day, and help spread the gospel that is Captain SNES.
Oh and before I forget, mad props to Jason Pisano who hooked me up with lots and lots of goodies. You’ll all benefit from his kind generosity. Thanks man.
The last couple of weeks have been quite interesting. I’ve gone to the dentist for the first time in three years, bought a new car, and visited my girlfriend, all in a short span of time. Those things, and Calculus have been rather pressing on my mind. But I have only two more weeks of that, and then I’m free.
I’ve recently updated my Bios page, adding a whole bunch of characters, with Quotes. Now you may notice that many of the characters have blank quotes. Lazy of me you say? You’re wrong! I’m merely giving my adoring fans a chance to add their input! Click here to go to the forums, and suggest a quote for a character! It can be from the comic, or from their game, or just random hilarity! I’ll pick the best ones to put on my bios page.
For everyone who voted in the Favorite Female Character Poll, expect to see the awards ceremony this Sunday! Whether I’ll post it on the main page or post a link to it off the news depends on how PC I decide to be with it. Yeah, some of the endings I’m playing with are in rather… bad taste. Not that bad taste has stopped me before. And expect to see a new poll this Sunday. It’ll be something unrelated to comic, unless I think of something clever.
Later all.