#126 This folks, is a baaaaaad idea.
May 27th, 2002

#126 This folks, is a baaaaaad idea.

May 27, 2002
Some updates. First, I’ve posted two new pieces of fan art in the fanstuff, one of which I need a name for. Sorry for not remembering it, but my hotmail account is filled up with old letters from my girlfriend during the period we were just friends, so that 300 kilobyte bmp ate up pretty much all my storage space.
Second, sometime in the next week I’ll be putting up a PayPal link. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking….. “Wow, you mean we can pay you for your wonderful comedic talent? Which bring sunshine into our drab and miserable….” okay, so you probably weren’t thinking that. I was more than a little self conscious about doing it, until a few things occurred to me. I’ve been putting a lot of time in the website and doing a pretty good job recently. Most of the other web-comics I see out there have PayPal banners. And most importantly, I’m expecting a huge bill for the massive amounts of dental work I expect to need when I go to the dentist this July for the first time in five years. You should see me when someone gives me a chocolate bar. I take one bite and go, “This is really….AAUUUUGHHH! THE PAIN! THE HORRIBLE PAIN!” Not that I want your sympathy for this, I just want to demonstrate that I’m not whoring out.
My one strip a day craze is still going strong, although I’m not done with monday’s comic (pretty close though) and it’s 7:30 now. I’ll talk to my girlfriend for an hour, and then finish it up, before going over to my weekly roleplaying session.
Lastly I went on E-bay on a whim on Thursday, and happily discovered what I was looking for. “Captain N: The Game Master”. All 34 episodes, in beautiful SLP VHS format. I also picked up all the Zelda cartoon episodes from the Super Mario Brothers Super Show. I’ve paid for them already, and expect them within the week, where I will be treated to some vintage 80’s cartoons. I’m in for alot of pain.
I’ll be putting some links up in the next day or two, but the one I recommend checking out right now is Knights of the Old Code Very, very funny.
Anyways folks, looks like I’m out. Later